The Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners For Every Home And Budget

Put your feet up and let the Robot Vacuum cleaner do the work

Some people love vacuuming. They claim it has a calming, almost soothing effect that even the best robot vacuum cleaners can’t replicate.

Futuristic drawing of a maid cleaning a floor. Posted in The Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners For Every Home And Budget
Futuristic housework as envisaged by an artist in 1899 (Source Wikipedia).

But for those who are not into therapeutic household jobs, vacuuming is a time-consuming chore that nobody wants to do – especially after the COVID-19 pandemic.

By staying at home almost 24/7, the amount of dust, hair, food and pet fur scattered around the house has drastically increased.

So what was once a once-a-week affair, has now almost become part of our daily grind.

With that in mind, it’s no surprise that the demand for robot vacuum cleaners has boomed to become one of the most in-demand domestic gadgets, with something like 20% of all new vacuum sales being Robot Vacuums.

Here’s are some of the benefits of having a robot vacuum cleaner:

  1. Time-saving: by far, this is the biggest advantage that pushes people to buy a robot vacuum cleaner. Having a robot sweep the floor gives you more time to focus on more important (and enjoyable) things.
  2. Scheduled cleaning: you don’t have to stay at home to monitor your robot vacuum cleaner. You can schedule cleaning times to work around your schedule.
  3. Silent: the low level of noise of robot vacuums means that they’re not as distracting or annoying as standard vacuums, turning early morning or late evening cleaning into reality.
  4. Small and compact: when you vacuum the old-fashioned way, it’s difficult to reach under furniture, couches and beds without doing your back in. Robot vacuum cleaners are slim, making them perfect to clean hard-to-reach spots.
  5. Cleaning modes: if there is an area of your house that is particularly messy, you can have the robot focus on a specific spot.
  6. Mopping mode: a robot vacuum cleaner does more than suction up dirt, some models can automatically mop the floor as well!

Fitted with sensors that stop them from getting stuck or falling down the stairs, nowadays most of the best robot vacuum cleaners can also be hooked up to your smartphone and, using the app, you can order them to get down to business whenever and wherever you are.

With prices oscillating between $80 and $800+, it can be hard to choose the best robot vacuum cleaner that meets your needs and preferences.

So here’s how some of the best robot vacuum cleaners perform:

The cleaning expert

Name: LCD Screen Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner, available from MySmartHomeDecor

Price: US $430.97 (Full price: US $559.71). You save 23%

Boasting features that very few other vacuum cleaners have, this one really is one of the best robot vacuum cleaners.

With different cleaning modes, intelligent cleaning patterns, mopping options and anti tangle when picking up pet hair, this thin-bodied vacuum cleaner will leave your home squeaky clean.

 LCD Robot at work in the post The Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners For Every Home And Budget
LCD Robot at work.

Vacuuming Out of this world

Name: Automatic WiFi Robot Vacuum Cleaner, available from MySmartHomeDecor

Price: US $382.29 (Full price: US $477.86). You save 20%

Built using NASA technology, this is a highly intelligent home cleaning device that scans and maps the area in real-time to know exactly where to go and what cleaning patterns to follow.

Its long-term battery life also gives it the power it needs for reliable and long-lasting use.

Wifi robot vacuum showing the features and underside in the blog post The Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners For Every Home And Budget
Features and underbelly of the Hi Tech WiFi Automatic Robot Vacuum.

Shhhh – quiet, please

Name: Low Noise Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Power Suction for Thin Carpet, MySmartHomeDecor

Price: US $190.92 (Full price: US $347.13). You save 45%

If noise is your main concern, this robot vacuum cleaner quietly goes about its business without bothering anybody.

You can schedule it to work at any time to suit you.

This model is suitable for any floor, but it’s best-known for deep-cleaning thin carpets (up to 12mm).

A full range of sensors showing how the robot vacuum avoids obstacles as in The Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners For Every Home And Budget blog post
A full week of different daily schedules can be programmed.

The affordable option

Name: Cheap Robot Vacuum Cleaners, MySmartHomeDecor

Price: US $52 (Full price: US $85). You save 39%

If you’re new to the whole futuristic household appliances, this small and powerful robot is a great choice for first-time buyers or people on a budget.

It gets the job done, proving to be great value for money.

Photo of a cheap Robot Vacuum cleaner as part of the blog post, The Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners For Every Home And Budget
Comes with a lot of features for very little money

Are vacuum cleaners really worth it?

Depending on your situation, budget and expectations, robot vacuum cleaners can be a lifesaver. Doing the cleaning while you are at work for example.

However, they do have their limitations.

As a start, you need to vacuum-proof the house to prevent socks, toys and other items from getting stuck in the device – Seems reasonable, right?

Speaking of getting stuck, robots can easily get stuck under furniture or curtains – in short, anything they can’t cross over.

While silent and automatic, these robots have a smaller dustbin than traditional vacuums and take much longer to clean than it would ever take you. But as long as it gets the job done, who cares how long it takes.

Weigh up the pros and cons and see how they apply to your life. If you’re ready to invest in a robot vacuum cleaner, make sure to check out our best vacuum cleaners models for sale!

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