Will HEPA Air Filters Help Prevent Covid 19

Will Hepa Air Filters help with Covid 19

So many questions are being asked about Covid 19 it is becoming hard knowing who or what to believe. Way back in February (2020), an article in the Washington post was discussing Air Purifers and claiming little evidence of health benefits.

Will HEPA Air Filters Help With Covid 19 ?

The report by the Washington Post quoted a couple of sources. One quote stated, “Air purifiers can be an important part of allergen avoidance, but they are not a cure-all,” says Manav Singla, an allergist and immunologist affiliated with MedStar Health locations in Maryland.

And that seemed to be the general consensus, generally referring to people who have pets or suffer other allergies.

They were not talking about HEPA air purifiers though.

An air purifier in the home provided some benefit to those with pets or suffering from other allergies. Apparently against a virus they are a great benefit. With esteemed academics advocating their use in classrooms. This from the Washington Post again. Here we are getting into HEPA filters.

There is nothing new about HEPA ( High efficiency particle absorbers ), air purifiers. The idea was initially developed during WW11 by the Germans.

A captured German mask was found to have a piece of paper inserted in it. This piece of paper was found to have exceptional capture efficiency for chemical smoke.

You can read more on it here.

Does Canned Oxygen Help with Covid 19.

Some people are asking if canned oxygen is of any use for Covid 19. The research I have seen is that it is purely for recreational purposes, like sports recovery or as a portable replacement for a large cylinder if the user is not going far from home.

It has no value related to helping a person with a virus that I can see.

HEPA Air Filters Used in The Home

It is estimated that 1 in 4 Americans have an air purifier in their home. Many would have got one mainly for airborne allergies and dust particles rather than Covid 19.

The research into having them in the home is positive. Some vacuum cleaners are fitted with HEPA filters, also many people have an air filter in various rooms of the home.

These with electronics becoming a greater part of our lives robo vacuum cleaners are popular and although there popularity fell away in the pandemic, there has been a rise in popularity again as can be seen in the graphic below.

Will HEPA Air Filters Help With Covid 19
Robo Vacuum Sales are Climbing again.

A vacuum cleaner though, is not going to have any impact on a virus like Covid 19 though. So, while these filters are great for asthma sufferers and sufferers of other allergies, they are designed to be a cleaner ,and with a good filtration system they do a good job of cleaning.

Will HEPA Air Filters Help With Covid 19
A 3 tier filtration system on a Robot Vacuum.

HEPA Air Filter Ratings.

Will HEPA Air Filters Help With Covid 19
HEPA Classes.

HEPA filters are graded according to a set design criteria. This is set either by European or American standards, but both work on the following minimum standards of particle retention.

Some companies may have 99% HEPA in their marketing But it just means that the filter is 99 % of a HEPA standard, which would be more than likely just 99% of a E10 grade.

Does a HEPA Air Filter help in a Car

Obviously the answer is yes. and Tesla now includes an optional HEPA air filter in their vehicles.. The first time Tesla did this was back in 2016 on the Tesla model X.

A HEPA air filter for vehicles are now becoming available as a stand alone option for vehicle owners from car accessory stores and online stores.

We have a good one here.

Will HEPA Air Filters Help With Covid 19
Specifications at base of filter.

This filter is powered by a USB connection to the filter It sits easily in most coffee cup spaces in the cars console.

Once connected you just wave your hand across the top of it to start it, move your across the top of it again to speed the fan up and the third time will shut the fan off.

As well it displays the temperature, humidity and wind speed. It will also deodorize, which is great for comfort while driving. Not only is it good for cars but it is compact enough for use at an office desk.

* Sources Washington Post and Wikipedia.

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